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Cubiex eSports - a Binance Smart Chain powered groundbreaking Streaming + NFT ecosystem.
Watch trusted streamers
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Buy NFT & ingame items
Live Streaming Live streaming has become a global phenomenon and a powerful tool for social influencers to directly interact with their audience. Create your follower base by connecting with friends and being able to subscribe. Make a significant impact on the eSports world by sharing your gaming activities. As a live streamer, you may receive Cubiex Power through your audience, and you can create a pot and give something back to your community by rewarding your viewers.
Trade NFTs and Virtual Ingame Items NFT's and virtual in-game items such as skins and avatars are becoming more and more popular. In cooperation with most famous german marketplace SkinBaron Cubiex Market allows you to securely purchase virtual ingame-items.
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The Cubiex eSports ecosystem is fueled by CBIX-P BEP20 - based on Binance Smart Chain - the fastest growing blockchain ecosystems in 2021. = Frictionless Utility
Cubiex Power - It has multiple use cases
1) GovernanceCBIX-P Holders Govern the Ecosystem
2) LiquidityCBIX-P serves as an ecosystem settlement asset
3) SecurityBuilt on top of the leading blockchain ecosystem
4) IncentivesRewards, Staking, Farming, Fee charging
Governance It enhances interaction
CBIX-P tokens enable viewers and streamers alike to actively support the success of individual platform participants through co-determination rights. In addition to regular surveys in the area of newly developed platform features and targeted support for individual streamers, Cubiex Power Holders will have a number of opportunities to actively contribute to the success of the community.

In addition to upcoming staking and farming campaigns, Cubiex Holders will also have the opportunity to vote on further incentives for the network. Platform participants and thus Cubiex holders will be able to vote and have a say in current topics in a new "Vote" section at regular intervals starting in Q2/Q3 2021.
Security Built on top of the industry leading chains
Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is best described as a blockchain that runs in parallel to the Binance Chain. Unlike Binance Chain, BSC boasts smart contract functionality and compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The design goal here was to leave the high throughput of Binance Chain intact while introducing smart contracts into its ecosystem.
Liquidity Designed to be most liquid
Cubiex Power serves as a wide-ranging liquidity token within our ecosystem. Be it internal donations from viewers to live streamers or platform-internal NFT purchases, with its incredible speed and low transaction fees, CBIX-P ensures fast and smooth processing of individual business transactions. Compatibility with the most widely used crypto wallets makes Cubiex Power especially easy to store.
Sir, can I just stream and hoddl? Yes you can.
Staking V4.0
Staking 4.0 aka Hoddling To celebrate and promote the next phase of our platform development and marketing at we are launching our product related global staking campaign V4.0!

Program Timeline: 1st of May 2021 - 31st of December 2021, APR: 5%
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Farming V1.0 CBIX-P lets you enjoy many benefits of the DeFi world. Liquidity providers, that stake their LP tokens within our product related farming campaign earn through trading fees as well as additional CBIX-P.
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